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Grand Valley


One of a kind watches made from recycled skateboards 

Recycled Skateboard Watches


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Recycled Skateboard Watches

John & Lindsay Gibson

New Skate Watches available - Ready to Ship 

Every watch dial is hand crafted  by John from 100% recycled skateboards using extreme attention to detail. 

The Classic Skate Watches have vertical or horizontal layers of compressed skateboards on the dial. All Classic Skate Watches come with a black silicone strap. 

The Limited Edition Skate Watches are made in very small quantities, sometimes only one is made. All the dials are very unique. The Limited Edition Skate Watch comes with either a silicone strap or a hand crafted leather strap. The leather strap is made in house by John. 

All Skate Watches come with one (1) year warranty.