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One of a kind watches made from recycled skateboards 

Custom Skate Watches


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Custom Skate Watches

John & Lindsay Gibson

Interested in a custom skate watch?  John would be happy to create one for you! Here are some of the options you will have to choose from.

  • Watch Dial Colour - some colours may not be available 
  • Watch Dial Design  
  1. Classic vertical or horizontal plies.  
  2. Limited Edition design that has been created in the past.
  3. Send in your own idea for design. 
  • Put your own business/brand logo on the dial
  • Indicators - You can choose to have all indicators on the watch, just the 12, 3, 6, & 9 or none at all. Below are your options for colour and material 
  1. Standard White (metal) 
  2. Choose your own colour (metal) 
  3. Custom made from recycled skateboards  
  • Watch Case 
  1. Black Stainless Steel 
  2. Distressed Stainless Steel 
  3. Custom Colour of your choice 
  • Watch Strap
  1. Black Silicone
  2. Custom made Leather Strap (variety of colours available) 

To place an order please email