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One of a kind watches made from recycled skateboards 

Pin-up Girl Art From Recycled Skateboards

Recycled Skateboard Art

Almost all skateboards are made from seven layers of cross laminated maple ply, with some of the layers dyed different colours depending on the brand and mfg. We collect the used, broken and unwanted skateboards from local skaters, skate parks and skate shops. Once the grip tape is removed the recycled skateboards are ready to be cut, sanded and given a 2nd shot. When pieces from different skateboards are compressed together you get a one of a kind colourful piece of wood, which can be made into just about anything you can imagine, from bird sculptures to sunglasses and watches. Every item is handcrafted with extreme attention to detail by John. 

Every board deserves a 2nd Shot!

Pin-up Girl Art From Recycled Skateboards


Pin-up Girl Art From Recycled Skateboards


Truly a piece of one of a kind Art.

Hand crafted from 100% recycled skateboards with the exception of the barn board it is displayed on. Absolutely no paint has been used to create this - all the colours come from the layers of stained maple ply in the used skateboards. Every piece is cut, sanded and glued by John. Only one available - ready to ship!
Measures approx. 8" x 18"

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